Ulrch Co Ltd is a trading company specializing in exporting 25mm mink lashes, in eyelash vendors for more than 10 years .
We have our own factory located in Qingdao .Qingdao is the heart of China’s wholesale mink lashes where many of the world’s top brands are produced.eyelash are popular with the world, they are with different color and hair styles, and the smooth to the touch, neat and tidy, durability, flexibility, high degree of saturation, no discoloration, good color fixing and so on.
Ulrch Co Ltd is focusing on providing high quality mink lashes products and custom eyelash packaging service all the time, and developing the new and different fashion style products mink lashes, keep the products fresh and individual.All the time, we are the leader of China custom eyelash boxes with the best custom eyelash boxes, producing and exporting.
We accept OEM and ODM, offer artwork design for free, and accept private custom eyelash boxes service for small order. Ulrch is building a great company and better life for people, offering rich style 25mm lashes, better custom eyelash packaging service for clients and more comfortable environment for staffs, and purchasing the best fashion and beauty.