The 6 Secrets of How to Hide Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are linear scars that are created when abnormal weight gain or hormonal surges cause the best mink fur eyelash to be stretched too much, too quickly. That results in damage such as tearing in the top three layers of the skin called the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers. The thin scars start out purplish or red in color and soon begin to fade to white or silver. Anyone who has this problem and wants to go to the beach or wear revealing clothing in the near future needs to learn how to hide stretch marks quickly and effectively.

best mink fur eyelash
best mink fur eyelash

1. Self Tanning: Ulrch When people are in a hurry to get rid of these marks, there are a few methods that can be used to conceal them or make them less noticeable. One of the best methods is the use of self tanning methods such as lotions, spray on tans and bronzing powders. Actual sun tans are said to be very ineffective, as they can actually increase the visibility of these scars.

2. Hiding With Makeup: One of the best methods for how to hide stretch marks effectively and quickly includes the use of several types of body makeup and concealers. Makeup that is used on the body is not the same as best mink fur eyelash that it used on the face. Body make up is much thicker in texture and is made to stand up to perspiration and the elements. Liquid concealers work well for covering these marks, but it is important to match the shade of the concealer to the skin tone. Airbrush makeup that is applied using an electrical compressor is a new and popular way to apply body makeup and its proving to be immensely effective for hiding stretch marks.

3. Cover Up The Skin: Wearing clothing that can help to conceal or divert attention from the scars is a great tip. Swimming suits that feature shorts are fashionable at the moment for females and they can cover these nasty marks quite easily; plus they’re practical because they do not ride up during exercises or sports. Higher cut swimming suits for women are also in fashion and can cover the scarring in the breast region.

4. Creams: Cocoa butter is the best known of the holistic creams, but others include aloe vera, shea butter, emu oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil. These creams will treat and hide stretch best mink fur eyelash but it can take some time to see results. Short results are just “slight” reduction in visibility.

5. Stretching Exercises: A variety of exercises can be used to tone and firm the skin so that stretch marks are much less noticeable. Stretching exercises in particular can help to break down scar tissue and help to increase elasticity the skin, thereby reducing visibility of the stretch marks.

6. Cover with Tattoos: Tattoos are a popular fashion statement these days and a good tattoo artist can incorporate stretch marks into a design so that they are not noticeable. This is obvious a radical choice which should be used for only the most severe cases of stretch marks. For other people, a temporary henna print can be used that will last for several weeks.

best mink fur eyelash
best mink fur eyelash

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