How to Keep Someone Sexually Interested

Man’s greatest problem area is indeed his testosterone, and the women who act and dress like “whores” are perhaps his greatest weakness. So why do men seem to want “whores”? It is because they can provide him with sex that is free from guilt. You see, his testosterone gives him an endless amount of sexual desire, for which he feels incredibly guilty. Moreover, he is paranoid that the woman he does respect and love will judge him because of his animal customizes 3d mink false strip lashes .

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Ulrch Women are indeed heavily prone to being too prideful, especially in this regard. To make matters worse, they often use their sexuality to manipulate what they know and understand is man’s greatest weakness, i.e., desire. When women make themselves “look hot”, it not only leads to pride but to a certain ‘flavor’ of pridefulness called ‘moral superiority’. That is, they love to manipulate man’s vulnerable weaknesses and then turn around and say things like, “Aren’t men just awful? Men are such dogs!” (We humans secretly love to feel that our morality is superior to other people’s morality.) So why do men love those utterly useless and fake customizes 3d mink false strip lashes like high heels, makeup, “fake boobs”, belly-button and nose piercings, fake eyelashes, fake nails, and the like?

Paradoxically, it is because men feel so guilty about their animal nature (testosterone, desire) and as a result of this guilt ‘coloring’ and distorting their perception, they don’t know how to “read” women. Men are pretty blind. That is, they don’t know if a woman wants sex or not, or they don’t know what ‘flavor’ or style of sex she wants, or when she wants it, to what degree, etc., and this whole area can be very confusing. Add to this the well-known facts that women often deliberately send “mixed signals” and tend to be generally incongruous and riddled with inner-conflict. The human condition is equally complex, frustrating, and very confusing on both sides. Most of these issues are not going to change any time soon, therefore, it is best to simply accept these limitations as being part and parcel of the human condition.

Again, as men, we often just can’t tell when (or if) our woman wants sex. Therefore, fake nails, falsies, lace panties, super-short skirts, perfume, high heels, and hair that has been dyed “bleach blond” (or even a wig) sends us a very clear signal where we go, “OK. She obviously wants it.” Thus, it isn’t so much that we want “whores”, but we do want women who want, and clearly enjoy, sexuality. A “whore” is more like a “loose” or promiscuous woman, but deep down, we men would generally prefer a woman who dresses and behaves like the “whore”, but who isn’t an actual “whore.” To me, there can be “asleep whores” as well as “conscious whores”, so to speak.

The women who are “asleep” (i.e., unaware, and inconsiderate) are the one’s who dress sexy selfishly in order to “get” things from men (e.g., attention, validation, and especially manipulation-power). They tend to overdo it; they overdress and come off as being sleazy. Regardless, men want sex from because it is guilt-free (she clearly wants it), but they do not want relationships with such women because they see them as untrustworthy.

On the other hand, a “conscious whore” is a self-aware and self-respecting kind of woman who understands that men are innocently programmed to respond favorably to “fake stuff” like nails and customizes 3d mink false strip lashes , and therefore gives these gifts to her man, but not to all men. She understands why her man loves fake eye lashes and knee-highs and mini-skirts (again, it relieves his unconscious guilt and worry), and has compassion for him. A conscious couple in this regard are able to accept each other’s animal nature and laugh about the silliness of human life together, without judgment and condemnation. It is better to work with nature than to resist, reject, and have endless opinions about the way things “should” be.

Contrast this with the average “asleep” woman, for example, who will “dress up” when she goes out, and then “dress down” when she is home with her man. This hurts his feelings for obvious reasons. It should be the reverse — dress nicely when you go out, but dress incredibly sexy when you’re home. I often recommend that women become more like a “conscious whore”, in a manner of speaking, so that way they are sub-communicating to their man, “I can be that dream-girl, but for your eyes only.”

It isn’t that we want s luts, it’s that we want you to send us unmistakable “yes” signals when it comes to s ex. “Fake boobs” and a little too much makeup and a belly-button piercing and some high heels are so effective and powerful because they remove all confusion, doubt, and especially unconscious guilt. We see our woman wearing that stuff for us, and we go, “Alright, she definitely accepts my animal nature and she definitely wants sex.” Thus, it tells the male brain that it is OK to customizes 3d mink false strip lashes .

customizes 3d mink false strip lashes
customizes 3d mink false strip lashes

A woman who dresses and acts like a “pornstar” for us has a deeply healing effect because she is sub-communicating, “I want it, I love it” and she is also saying, “I will enjoy myself even if you aren’t a great performer” and she is more importantly saying, “I love your masculinity and I love my femininity.”

Perhaps one of the worst experiences a man can ever have is to discover that the woman he just finished enjoying sex with either did not really, truly, congruently want it, or didn’t enjoy it for whatever reason. Even one experience such as this is enough to traumatize us for life, for it hits us right in our most vulnerable weak points, i.e., testosterone-based guilt, and the worry that we have hurt you because we are so physically superior to you.

Again, we men are kind of “retarded” due to our testosterone and unconscious issues, therefore, we just need you to send us crystal clear signals that practically scream, “I want it!” We are never entirely certain that our woman wants it” or not, and we don’t like to “make a move” on you unless we know for sure that you will be receptive. Don’t expect a man to tell you, “Baby, I wish you’d dress like a whore” because we are embarrassed that we even want this in the first place. We fear that you will judge and reject us, frankly, because we’re men.

Quite often, we men want you to wear “fake stuff” and “whore outfits” paradoxically because we are good men. It isn’t always because we’re evil and narcissistic, but rather, we need you to send clear signals because we are so considerate. We are often too considerate, in that we don’t want you to feel demeaned or used. Again, we have this testosterone and guilt issue; we worry about hurting you; this is the masculine condition that needs to be understood and customizes 3d mink false strip lashes .


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