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Personal Color Analysis – 6 Tips for How To Apply Foundation

Tip 1 – For the best surface to apply your cosmetics to, women with normal or dry skin types should apply a good primer first. Primers smooth fine lines, moisturize, and even skin tone for a smoother double mink fur eyelashes application.

double mink fur eyelashes
double mink fur eyelashes

Tip 2 – Ulrch Recheck your skin tone two or three times throughout the year. You don’t want to wear the same foundation color with a summer tan as you would in the middle of winter when your skin could very well be much lighter. Your foundation color needs to be an exact match to your skin tone. Otherwise, the end result of your double mink fur eyelashes application will look less than its best. It could be very helpful to have a personal color analysis done to identify not only your best foundation color, but also the many other colors that would be harmonious with your skin tone.

Tip 3 – Most women use their fingertips to apply their liquid foundation, but triangle makeup sponges are a better choice. The change is easy to get used to. You’ll be pleased with the ease of application with this simple tool.. The smooth surface of the sponge allows makeup to stroke on evenly, and a tapered edge blends make-up into tough to reach spots like corners between the eye and nose.

Tip 4 – Apply foundation to your eyelids just as you would to the rest of your face. Do this whether or not you intend to wear eye shadow. It evens out the lid’s tone and instantly brightens the face.

Tip 5 – Your foundation color should be the exact color of your skin tone, but you will want to double-check your neck and jaw areas when applying foundation. To avoid a color change where your makeup stops and your neck begins, you will want to start at the center of the face and blend outward, gradually applying with a lighter touch as you approach your neck and hairline.

Tip 6 – If you are using a liquid foundation, always shake the bottle vigorously before applying. Pigment has a tendency to drift to the bottom of the bottle.

double mink fur eyelashes
double mink fur eyelashes

Now that you’ve beautifully applied your perfect foundation double mink fur eyelashes , you’re ready to apply additional cosmetics that were identified in your personal color analysis.

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