How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out – Try This To Get Him Thinking About You The Rest Of The Day

You’ve smiled at him. You’ve batted your eyelashes and fidgeted with your hair while talking to him. You’ve complimented him and playfully teased him. You’ve worn that low-cut top, put on a cute mini skirt, dropped a pencil on the floor, and even bent over to pick it up in front of factory custom mink eye lashes

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Ulrch u’ve tried just about everything to get a guy to ask you out, but he still doesn’t realize you’re flirting with him. What’s a girl to do?

Sometimes guys can be pretty clueless when it comes to picking up on factory custom mink eye lashes ignals from women. When this happens to you, it may be time to take the initiative and be more direct in your approach.

You might need to make direct statements like, “I like you” or “We should go out sometime”. For many guys the thought of being rejected by a woman is a huge deal. These types of direct statements can be the extra reassurance he needs to give him the confidence to approach you in the future and ask you out.

You can even get him thinking about you all day by giving these statements a flirty twist. Here’s how.

The next time you talk to him and are getting ready to leave, take a couple steps away and then turn back around and say something like, “Ya know, if you asked me out sometime I wouldn’t say no.” Then, smile or wink at him and just walk away. You’re sure to be on his mind the rest of the day.

Or, better yet, just figure out a fun date and ask him out rather than waiting for him to notice you and pick up on your flirting signals.

Sometimes you have to be bold and go after the things you want…including factory custom mink eye lashes

factory custom mink eye lashes
factory custom mink eye lashes

The very worst thing that could happen is he says no or he’s not interested. And while you might feel temporarily rejected and deflated, it’s certainly not the end of the world and in no way reflects anything about you or the type of person you are. Don’t take it factory custom mink eye lashes

At least then you’ll know one way or another and won’t have to waste your time trying to get the attention of a man who isn’t interested in you. The guy who is right for you will love you just the way you are. You won’t have to “convince” or “force” him to like you.

Remember, if he turns you down it’s his loss and he’s not the right guy for you. There are lots more guys out there who will notice, appreciate, and be turned on by you and your flirting factory custom mink eye lashes


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