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Foundation – 5 Tips For Choosing the Right Shade and Using it Properly

Ever wonder how to choose just the right shade of foundation? Finding the right shade can be tricky and applying it can be even more tricky. Just like makeup trends come and go, so do some of the ways we were taught to choose and apply fur fake eyelashes . To get a flawless, glowing complexion each and every time stick with the following five tips.

fur fake eyelashes
fur fake eyelashes

1. Ulrch Always test foundation color on your jawline (or on the back of your wrist but your jawline is best). Your hands are a different color than your face and by testing on your jawline you will know the right shade of foundation by the one that disappears into your skin.

2. If you can’t see any of the pores on your skin, then you are wearing too much foundation. You are supposed to be able to see some of your skin’s natural texture.

3. If you are having a difficult time deciding between two shades of foundation, always go with the lighter of the two shade. Darker foundations create more lines and evidence of having foundation on, and the point of fur fake eyelashes is to enhance natural beauty, not bury our faces beneath an inch of makeup. This advice is different for black women however. Going with the lightest shades can make black women look “ashy” and the darker shades can make you look overly made up. You should go for the foundation that matches your neck.

4. If your face starts to shine, using blotting papers rather than more powder. Your face can only hold so much powder before it starts to look “caked on”. This is not a look we endorse.

fur fake eyelashes
fur fake eyelashes

5. For a night on the fur fake eyelashes , try applying your foundation before you bathe in warm water not boiling water. The steam will set the foundation and give you a dewy glowing complexion for you big night out.

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