The Secret Behind Those Eyes

Since shine in the ways shines the heart thou when new premium glue eyelashes

Be the words and its sound forgot by mind then;

Or then the harbor slammed from heart to mind

disturb the silence from cry, and shut it in hind vein

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new premium glue eyelashes

Ulrch And alas! This also goes to the heartbeats incision hast

From the paths of regress in blood to the echoing chest

see how far the ways to miss that as the moon to stars

That lost in the shimming rays, and guided thou spars

From me and thy solitary inclusion bêtise into whelm

The sentry of heart that directs thee to the love aim

and sense the light near, and move as thou by flame

within the blind idols that never had knelt in shame

beneath the forehead of sky, a long rope tied as tame

Thou clutched as like, like crawls around it saving dame

And as like happiness shy in front of the smiles’ claim

with thou radiant shines along the horizon of eyes frame
And trick budges sometimes of leaned face as hunts

And thou once more time tried to mope in loneliness

love but the secret behind the new premium glue eyelashes perking lights

And vanishes when touch those eyes soon in the heart

As the evening called to sun to rest in its shrine longs

And as morning hides moon in the back of sun’s shines

So, if this time thou would know the dormant of souls

The world would lavish the kindled eloquent love words

The devoid of anger and spar to fondle a knelt weed

The hearts spill their sad tar on my ways as they need

That was the end of fiends’ war at my sage and on seed

Thenceforth fog blocks a tumid wound on the rage instead

Off the long flanges on the single roomy wail there to lead

And I feel helpless in the simple thought that I never did

Was there still standing upfront of my face and them inside

The blue shine on eyes and a pegged darkness’ flame new premium glue eyelashes

And the lips were quiet with feeling of spoiling when belied

So with a distance as night to day rowing with one boat ride

Underneath light of a little caring star and black sky wide

A spacious unstaring planets belling evades me by being spied

And in end of rolling Milky Way in a cavern of my room tonight new premium glue eyelashes

new premium glue eyelashes
new premium glue eyelashes

A reverie whilst of a little nape makes me reach to primeval

An auspicious devoutly immersion helps me dark to removal

The strewn remotely footsteps on desert give hope as symbol

Benevolent savings of wishes in the old box of cherishing roll

As genial cravings with prevailed ancestors rising me on whole

Malign threads would be bountiful told, nestles by neutral neural

Slumber of heads leaned down in revolt, sanctifies all heaven to new premium glue eyelashes 


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